7 Principles To Get An Ex Back

I’m coach Cory Wayne and this is my video coaching newsletter and the topic of today’s newsletter is going to be principles to get an ex back why don’t have any emails I’m gonna go through with you today but what I am gonna go through is I’m gonna talk about the most common principles get about getting an ex back and I think I did a video several years ago the best strategy to get an ex back and so these are bullet points that I’ve come up with that I’ll go through and talk about how to address things like setting dates because these are like the most common things that I had questions about because I’d say probably 90% the people that first come to me they’ve come to me because a breakup happen or they’re trying to get an ex back and once we really get into it they either need help with pick up skills dating skills relationship skills quality of life issues getting in shape taking care of their body figuring out their purpose really being successful with members of the opposite sex whether you’re a man or a woman is about being great yourself creating great life and a great lifestyle that you’re proud of that you love and you enjoy even if you’re you happen to be single and if you’re trying to reott racked somebody there’s a lot of especially the men that I I do phone sessions with a big reason it is a lot of them don’t have a great purpose or a mission life or they’re just simply not happy and by getting them focused on what they really need to be focused on as a man having some ambition some goals some dreams some things are pursuing passionately it helps balance out and smooth over the rough edges so to speak and it causes them to become more attractive not only to the ex who they’d like to get back but just women in general so I got a quote that I wrote and I’m gonna go through the quote and then I’m just going to go bullet point by bullet point to cover these things and the quote says the strongest negotiating position and any personal or professional human interaction is being able to walk away and mean it if you got dumped by a lover who you wanted to keep in your life you must stay what you want and then walk away and never look back if they care or still have any romantic feelings for you they will reach out and a few if that happens simply focus on creating a great date hang out have fun and hook up do not focus on a relationship commitment or dating labels it must be their idea to become exclusive when you are the one who got dumped if you dump them but now want them back contact them apologize for being an ass and tell them you would like to see them make a date they won’t make a date tell them to call you if they change their mind and walk and never look back you always must give an ex lover the freedom choice space and time to decide to see you romantically again that is why continually contacting them to change their mind is the weak position and will never work so let’s go through the first bullet point here and I’m just going to go through and read these because I I’ve got the bullet points and then there are some texts that I wrote and so I want to make sure that I cover the things specifically that are the most important there’s basically 13 different bullet points that I’ve come up with here I would say it’s lucky 13 of course so the first one is this is what you do if you’re the one who got dumped obviously not by your choice you must communicate that you do not accept being friend-zoned or no longer being together but instead want to continue seeing them if they are unwilling to continue seeing you or give you another chance you tell them to get in touch with you if they ever change their mind you must let them go forever and never contact them again for any reason you must never under any circumstances agree to being friends only it’s romance or you’re simply not interested number two walk and never look back this is a strongest negotiating position and any professional or human interaction once you have stated what you want but they are unwilling to give it to you just like if you’re trying to negotiate a deal in a car and there’s like now I’m not gonna do this you gotta be willing to walk away you tell them to contact you if they ever change their mind but you are not interested anything platonic and to please not contact you unless they are interested in something romantic ever again walking and never looking and that’s what I call that’s speaking your purpose that’s what you want you want to get back together but it’s like if you’re only interested in something but tonic is a lot of women I’m gonna try to keep a guy stuck in friendzone never fucking agree to that cuz you’ll never get out of it if you do besides it’s not congruent with what you want anyways you’ve got to be congruent with what you want what’s in your heart speak it the other person’s I want to give you what you want you walk and you never look back walking and never looking back means that you will never contact them again for any reason I get lots of questions about this no birthday messages holiday messages sorry about a death and your family members etc as far as you’re concerned you’re never gonna speak to them again it’s as if they’ve changed their number they moved away it’s almost as if they’re dead to you that’s the way you really got to look at it sorry I’d be so blunt but that’s the reality okay guys well birthday’s coming up I get that no you want them if there’s especially if they’re the ones that pushed you what you want them to contact you or Thanksgiving or Christmas or Groundhog Day or Presidents Day or Columbus Day or whatever fucking having a holiday happens to be as far as you are concerned you will never speak to them as long again as long as you live if you have children with this person make your arrangements ahead of time so there is absolutely no reason for them to contact you there must be so important there must be space distance and time between you in order for an ex or someone you turned off to rethink and regret pushing you out of their life it must be their idea to reach out to you first once they realize they are never going to hear from you again the next bullet point when they contact you again this is an if the only way they’re going to contact you is if there’s still some kind of interest in other words they realize the radio silence that you’re giving them means it’s probably permanent they’re never gonna hear from you again if they don’t like the thought of that they can’t fathom that thought to say maybe I reacted harshly maybe I should give that person another chance these other guys haven’t gone with they’re all turning out to be douchebags and we really did have a good time together well maybe I should give him a call if an ex or someone you were dating got turned off by your behavior contacts you through text messages email facebook messenger or phone calls and you must assume they want to see you and this should be your first response and this is important er this is what the qualification here especially for guys that are neither desperate they’re looking for any reason oh she’s liking my facebook posts again does that mean I call her and ask her on a date fucking no way so they’re liking your Facebook post or even commenting on social media post does not count as them contacting you do not engage in any BS conversation or nonsensical chit chat when they contact you again be direct be decisive and go for what you want by saying this hey it’s great to hear a few I’d love to see you when are you free to get together I get a lot of guys that I had a guy that did an email coaching for the other day girl starts contacting him and he’s like hey what are you doing she’s like not much what are you doing he’s like oh nothing really I’m just watching some TV what are you up to and it’s like went back and forth four or five times and he’s like she stopped responding I was like cuz you bored her to death she reached out hoping that you were interested still wanting to see her and what do you do you going around in circles as soon as she reaches out hey it’s great to hear from you I’d love to see you when are you free to get together be direct be decides to get right the point don’t dither and dick around because you’ve if you did there and you dick around she’s just gonna get bored she’s gonna leave don’t do that it’s crazy it’s a waste the whole reason by doing no context is for them to reach out and some guys think oh but you know I gotta talk to her for a little while and warm her up no you don’t you’ve had no contact and now she’s reaching out the only reason she’s reaching out something’s because she’s hoping that you’re interested and you want to see her or she may be trying to see if your you’re still kind of on the hook so to speak in case things don’t work out with the other guy it’s really fucking important be direct decides to get right to the point so once you say hey when you free to get together you’re gonna invite them to bring a bottle of wine coffee tea etc or whatever you drink to your place to make dinner together you want to make a dinner date something in the evening why you want to hang out you want to have fun you want to hook up make a definite date hang out have fun and hook up like I talked about in my book it’s like a first date you get no credit for your past history together or any past relationship do not talk about getting back together being exclusive or locking them down to a commitment it must be their idea to become exclusive again you simply need to focus on creating a fun-filled romantic opportunity for sex to happen ie a date so here’s some other situations they’re going to come up when you’re trying to set a date they may not be open to it they may be trying to keep you as a male orbiter so to speak we’re back up so when they won’t come to your place for a date if they have contacted you again and you try to make a date of your place but they won’t accept or they counter by trying to get you to pick them up or meet them out somewhere you must give them this response it’s been a long week and I’m just in the mood to hang in my place if you don’t want to come over and make dinner together then give me a call in two to three weeks and maybe I’ll be up for something more formal then on my website I’m gonna have all these bullet points that I’m reading it’s going to be in an actual article the exact same name is this video if you have new watching this video by itself on YouTube or somewhere else they’ll either agree to dinner or they won’t if they won’t agree to dinner than say this I’ve gotta run but get in touch with me if you change your mind and then walk and never look back when they won’t make a date so you try to make a date and they just flat-out say no I’m not in and there they leave things up in the air since you are always going to wait to hear from them first and then on two consecutive different times when they have reached out to you first you try to set a date but they won’t then you must stop asking this is really important don’t continue asking you find two different times you try to ask them out and they just they just leave it up in the air never ask them out again unless they bring it up first from that point forward if they continue to reach out to you you’re not going to bring up getting together if they have contacted you by text email facebook Messenger or other chat services you will keep your message responses to two to three replies maximum period this is really important don’t violate this there’s no reason to chitchat make a date or you’re out of there it’s that simple if they contact you by phone and you’re having a phone conversation or you’re talking over FaceTime or Skype video or audio you will keep your conversation to two to three minutes max this is very important when they’ve contacted you via digital messaging or voice or video means you will always give them this response when you end the conversation hey it was great hearing from you but I’ve gotta run keep in touch that basically says hey I’m busy my attention is elsewhere and I really am placing a low value on talking to you because I pretty much give it up you don’t want to try you don’t want to see me fucking I’m not interested in wasting another second or a moment of my fucking life you’re not gonna say any of this to him but this is your mindset you’re gonna be sweet you’re me kind but you’re like hey I’m busy I gotta run keep in touch that pretty much communicates that you’re not you’re done you’re not making an effort you’re not doing anything you gave them two opportunities that said they you know like fuck it from that point forward they will either bring up getting together first and then you can try and set a date or they will stop contacting you for good next bullet point this is really important let them contact you exclusively that means 100% of the calling texting and pursuing must be done by them when someone is unwilling to see you go on dates with you or give you a chance to start to rekindle your romance and nay have pushed you away you must let them contact you 100% of the time from that point forward very important this is different from when I teach my book and how a man should properly start off a courtship so this only applies when you got dumped or blown off and did not agree to it very fucking important because like I talked about the book if you’re dating somebody brand-new and you’re never going on with them you’re gonna call them once per week until they start reaching out and contacting you on a frequent basis and once that happens you can continue to back off with one where you’re not even call them or texting them anymore it’s not necessary if they’re calling and texting YouTube three times a week and you’re making dates every time they call you’re gonna be seeing each other two to three times a week there’s no reason to reach out you’re a busy person you should not be fucking around on the phone for useless chitchat because this enables you to be mysterious it gives them time to wonder about you and think about you and women need time and space away from you to wonder about you and wonder where they stand with you if you’re always in their face you get in the way of that happening it’s natural it must happen some way shape or form so when they do reach out you make a definite date and then you get off the phone be direct decisive and get right to the point no idle chitchat or unnecessary BS conversation this is the last bullet point this is this is also a desert this is different little different case this is if you dump them and you go on probably shouldn’t have done that the only time you’re going to contact an ex when you are trying to get them back is if you dump them but later regret that decision and want to rekindle things you will only contact them one time this is very important when you are trying to get them back you will contact them once appalling apologize for being a jackass tell them you would like to see them again and make a definite date in this situation it’s okay to go pick them up or go meet them for dinner if they won’t come to your place remember you’re the one to ditch them so you basically kind of have to suck it up and apologize and and go pick them up it only applies in a special case this is because you push them away therefore if you try to make a date when you contact them but they are unwilling to tell them you love to see them again and have another chance then tell them to contact you if they ever change their mind if they reach out after that try to set a deaf in a date but after you’ve contacted them once one time only and they are unwilling to make a date then you must walk and never look back because if you call you want to rekindle things like I don’t know I gotta think about it then you say you know what give me a call if you change your mind you’re not gonna continue to pursue and pursue and pursue like they do in the movies this just you’re just basically communicating hey I fucked up I’m sorry it was a shithead and I want to make it up to you when are you free to get together for dinner they’re like I don’t know I’m kind of seeing somebody else so you know what well now you know where I stand I realize I fucked up I’d like to work it out but if you don’t well then I wish you all the best but you change your mind please do get in touch and I’d love to see you if they contact you and you make a date and you hang out have fun and hook up and things go well then you could treat this situation like a normal con courtship by contacting them once per week to set a date remember this only applies when you were the one that broke up with them and now later regret it once they feel safe and comfortable to start contacting you after your last date then you shouldn’t have to contact them anymore then you can simply back off wait to hear from them and when you do make the next date under this circumstance only when you did the dumping it’s okay to contact them once per week if they agree to go out on a date with you the first time you contacted them after dump dumping them just like I discussed in my book so again those are the thirteen most important bullet points again if you’re watching this you’re like where do I read this you just googled Cory Wayne principles to get an ex back and that article will come up and so everything I’ve just said on camera you can actually read on my website if you need to review at ten to fifteen times to get to know that strategy so you don’t know confusing it with the other women that you’re dating and I know I noticed a lot of people tend to do this if they’re not really reading the book or they’re watching a bunch of different videos and you’re like well that we used at one time that you pursue and the other one you said you don’t it’s like I was very specific here took things on a case-by-case basis these are the most common things that you’re going to see so if you’d like to get my out personally the quickest way is a book a paid phone Skype or email coaching session you can choose any of those options by going to my website clicking the products tab at the top of your screen and just follow the instructions for booking whichever option works best for you and I will talk to you soon you